Friday, January 15, 2010

BUT i cannot accept u

Bodies pass
Tightly held hands
Loosely clinging lips
And yet I stand here alone

I see you walking with her
I see you talking with him
She's about to make the move
While that guy shuts her down

You've got her belt
She got you, too
You hug her here
She kisses you

Silently I watch
Listen, and think
I wonder where you are
Is he even out there for me

Another kiss
One more hug
Two arms entwined
Two bodies in love

"I'll walk you to class"
"When are you gonna call?"
"There you are!"
"What took you so long?"

Words flutter
Mumbling by
Eyelashes shutter
His hand brushes her thigh

I retreat
And flip my hair
It doesn't bother me
I'm too numb in despair

Their phone rings
Another booty call
Mine, silent
No sound, no sound at all

All around
There's faces, their eyes
They shine with love
For the face passing by

I walk
Head down, iPod on
Yet sounds can't drown out smiles
And closed eyes can't make them disappear

One more time
My eyes leave the ground
He catches my eye
But I turn around

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