Thursday, February 4, 2010

tag lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1) 3 Names in Your Inbox Cellphone 
CELCOM : dapat bonus bulanan =)
sayae punyae! : en.yusrin faiz saya msg :)
EZNE : ohh...secreto!

(2) Your Main Ringtone
NOBODY~ hihi enjoy!

(3) What U Did At 12 Last Night? 
sarra calling2! gayut!!!!!!!!!!!! mish u beb.

(4) Who Was The Last Person You Went Out With? Where?
hazira..pi PC FAIR.

(5) The Color 0f The T-Shirt You’re Wearing? Now?
RED.hehe lovin' it

(6) The Last Thing U Did? 
angkut ayaq tadi.bodo.sistem peparitan amat lah bangang!

(7) 3 of Your Everyday Favorite Items 
my lovely handphone.=) fb n bloggieeeee
a mug of cadbury hot chocolate.yum2

(8) The Color of Your Bedroom?
kat umah? oh.biru~
kat um? rainbow kott.hehehe

(9) How Much Money in Your Wallet Now?
pagi tadi ada rm30.sekarang? rm15.hahahha beli nasik n potostat ckit.owh, n topup~

(10) How’s Life?
begini sahaja.not-so-special.lalalalala

(11) Your Favorite Song?
akulah kekasihmu.

(12) What Will You Do Next Weekend?
balek perlis~weeeee!

(13) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mom?
Last weekend.

(14) Where Is She Now?
Skarang? Kat dapur lah kot?melayan karenah ijat masyam.hahahah

(15) When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Parent?
last night!!! miss them.

(16) Who Is The Last Person That Texted You?
paham2 laaa...=)

(17) Where Did You Have Dinner Last Night?
owh.. tak dinner dah skang. DIET!

(18) The Last Surprise You Got?

(19) Last Thing You Borrowed From Your Friend
lect notes from fatin~hahaha

(20) Who is Your Bf/Gf Or Husband/Wife?
BF: yusrin faiz.
husband: yusrin faiz

(21) What Do You Feel Now?
ngantok kot.boring.

(22) Wanna Share With Who?
taknak share ngn sape2 pon!

(23) Who Knows Your Secret?
now? ezne n sarra.sshhh!

(24) They Keep Your Secret?
 hope so!

(25) Are You Angry With Someone?
someone? not really.ramai rasanya.

(26) What do you order at McD?
McValue lunch.Mc Chicken satu! plus strawberry sundae~

(27) The Last Time You Felt So Sad?
just now.hahaha 

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ezne ezureen said...

kerja balik perlis jaaa..

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