Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aku nak preksa!

Lagi 30 hari nak duduk sini. Nampak lama sangat kan. Arghhhh! okay okay, lagi 4 minggu nak duduk sini. hee nampak sikit :)

See my jadual Finals this sem! :D


I dunno why u are coming back to me. Cehh, ingat nak nyanyi lagu VH ke, "Baby come back to me...."

Motive? I really dunno. U make me sad, miserable these 2 weeks. How i'm suppose to accept you back? My answer is not. If you are really love me, you should never do that mistake, right?  No need to tell me you will dump that girl because of me. It just make this thing worse. I cannot stand to see another girl crying because of you. Enough is enough. If you are really SORRY, come meet my parents. That's it. We all grown up. Not like cinta monyet in high school or whatever. For me, this is serious. See, my face is like 'taik' already. HAHA

Nahh, speaking make me look awkward. LOL. Maybe i will not be updating this blog for a long period. Understand me please, finals are just around the corner! :) Wish me luck, wish i'm healthy always, smile always, laugh a lot, happy with my life.

gtg. Buubooi!  Blogwalking, i will run to your blogs this May! stay tuned. hihi


6 899 ohsemm people!:

syakey said...

wat elok elok!!!


♥ the Dutchess said...

terima kasih cik syakey :D hehehe!

Anonymous said...

study smart yea :)

♥ the Dutchess said...

thankssssss cik alya :D hee!

HAJAR AZMAN :| said...

gudluck :)

♥ the Dutchess said...

terima kasihhhh cik hajar :D heheheee

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