Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Me and Mr. Darcy


This week is the last week for lecture! Hoorayyy! And, this Thursday I'm coming home bebeh. So, anyone who want to hang out with me, call me. We make an appointment -____- HAHA not funny AT ALL.

To fill my useless-boredom-to-death time here, actually I've been reading a novel. Yeah, totally romantic yet funny. Seriously I've been laughing, in loveee and feeling sad for the same time. Ridiculous, but its true.
Seriously! Oh seriously the feelings mixed up. I just finished reading it last night.
       Did I keep repeating seriously? Oh okay, seriously. 

Me and Mr. Darcy

If you all had been read the novel Pride & Prejudice,
or watched the movie version,
sure you will be in love with this!

Thank you Aliaa for buying me this book.
Actually she want me to remember the 
MOST important quote in there ;

To you shall I say, as often I said before,
Do not be in a hurry, the right man will come at last.

HAHA maksud tersirat tuuu =.="

Overall, I love this novel. And I love Alexandra Potter too!
Must find other novels of her. She wrote words
that really touched girls' hearts. 
And it not SO TYPICAL English novel.
This is so Awesome.

p/s : I love Spike Hargreaves, not Mr. Darcy. He is not cool.

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