Friday, December 2, 2011

Typical me.


Just finishing my extra extra WORK lect give to us =.=" I cannot feel my hand. Huarghhhhhhh! Restless, got assignmentsssssssss like tsunami (every week okay) and testssss killer this week. Finally its over. ALHAMDULILLAH! and I think I'm gonna get fever. Yeah, weak antibodies. Sort of, whatever.

Just wanna some craps before I get into my Sleeping Beauty until tomorrow afternoon. No joking, I'm serious. Qada' my endless sleep. Muahahahaha!

Okay, just go the the main road. Oh, I mean the main point. I never underestimated people around me, so I hope the same wayyyyy from the people. Whatever you say about yourself, all the bluffs. I really don't care, because I only care about myself. You get what I mean? That's what my mum taught me.

Just continue say that yourself like I-am-the-prettiest-smartest-cute-girl-here, so JUST GO ON! But please never underestimated me. Oh PLEASE! Maybe, okay maybe I'm NOT pretty in your eyes, but others may think I do. The simple, cheerful, nerdy me may give comfort to others, although you are not. Not saying I'm don't care about my appearance, NO! It's just according to my daily preferences. Just going to lectures, listen to lecturer mumbling, should I wear something like going to shopping mall? LOL. If so then, what should I wear when going out to shopping?? HAHA. Maybe I should reverse the things lah kan. I loveeee being COOL, baru best! Please don't be so jakun. Don't show your originality part, hide some of it please. #my lecturer say this.

I'm still Datin you know, and you will never win over me on that. Seriously! :) Practice more dear, you need more CONFIDENCE!! Ada berani?

oh, one more thing. I miss my family. I really miss my sis. Soooooo sorry kakak not being with you right now, Ana. :( Seriously, I'm helpless. Tak superrr kakak langsung! #pathetic.

Waiting for them to come here, start counting days~~
Buubooi! Bila frust, mula lah entry English version. Cool la kannnnn.

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