Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I dont give it a damn

Really busy studying for the finals. And busy tweeting also. Just wanna say this, I dont care anymore about you. Yeah you. Acting like my BFF,but now i think you just a bullsh*t. Sorry for the correct word for you.Enough for the disappointment through 2011 that I had. Oh this really upset me. Do anything,go on. I'm happy with what I had now. And for the maniac,behave yourself. Dont show your desperation much. Ohh both make me sick! Enough is enough. Cannot wait to release my tension next week. Dear,please take me away. Should not saying all this crap. But I had to. Sorry guys, this is my blog. I had to throw all this out anyhow. Bye. -Blogger Update via Android 2.1 .

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