Monday, March 19, 2012

Back To Basic | Only great mind can afford simple style.


Tudung bawal? Satu tone? Double tone?
It's the TREND!

And guess what?
I'll start selling these , with very low price.
Yes, believe me. :)

Flat price : RM12 only! (2 tone)
RM10 (1 tone)

All the Tudungs will be ready-stock :)

And babes,
check it out the latest & hot tudung!!!

Gorgeous! Simple!

Flat and awesome price : RM12 only yawwww! 
Various designs and colours to be choose.

"Dear girls,
If you are not in fashion, you are nobody."

Insyaallah after settle everything,
I will officially launch my own blogshop.

Interested? Stay tuned girls :)

*Unpaid model : Nana Rahman

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ezne ezureen rashid said...

itu sebab untung dok KL.. leh dapat murah kann ehehhehehh.. buatlah blogshop lepas nih.. saya sangat menyokong!! :)

♥ the Dutchess said...

@ezne ezureen rashid bolehhh la tahan ;) hehee insyaallah, sokongan anda amat diperlukan ^__^

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