Friday, April 20, 2012

Black & White


I'm stared at screen, doing nothing
and this came out.


Black and White
They make up Grey.

Grey is such a dull color.
But if you really think about it, it’s a colorful white.
Or, a mere shadow of a mother.

No matter how we think of it, it is still grey.
Shadows of a predator, shadows of prey
Or the silhouette of my cold, empty heart…
Dying and decaying, living sadly day after day.

Grey is an odd color.
Shows heartache and pain.
Or the hair of old women or men, falling from their shoulders.
It’s the color of the rusting chain
That holds our crumbling lives down…
But is ready to break.

Me, I’m falling into a grey lake.
Drowning in sorrow and restraint…
Look up in the hole!
That will disintegrate my chains
Ending all of me, my life rusted and dull.

Nobody notice, nobody fair.
But wait a second,
Allah always there, and Him always care.

(Farah Syahirah Abdul Shukri,20th April 2012)

#Refreshing my life. Reminder for us. The only one,

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