Friday, June 22, 2012



Random days, random things.
Nothing to do yet. Herm.
Ottoke, how I supposed to fill up my holidaysss?

I tried to shoot the best picture. And I want something special.
But I guessed I failed. Duh!

"Playboy Cactus"

"Rossy Bloom"

"Yawning Cat"

"Transformer Alive"

"Posh Beckham with her son, Romeo"
HAHA =.=

All pictures are ABSOLUTELY random. And maybe it just what I am Good at.

9 899 ohsemm people!:

ezne ezureen rashid said...

uihhhh kira ok dah neh boleh tgkap lawoo dah nehhhh

♥ the Dutchess said...

@ezne ezureen rashid tak lawa pun.. Besaa ja =.= huuuu!

Kena belajaq ni!!

Mariam (Saudi | Philippines) said...

salaam alaikum?

I think it'd be nice if you added a google translator widget on your blog page?

cute blog layout btw :) very cute, very baby pink :)


my blog:

Mariam (Saudi | Philippines) said...

btw, are you half Dutch? your dad from Netherlands? :)

NiaSuriAnnie said...

Farah, lawa aih gmba tu..ada org kata farah separuh dutch tu, dutch negri perghlih..^_^

♥ the Dutchess said...

@Mariam (Saudi | Philippines) Thank You so much :)

♥ the Dutchess said...

@NiaSuriAnnie haha taktau la Su, macam2 :D

Myra Arshad (: said...

cantiknya kaktus tuuu

♥ the Dutchess said...

@Myra Arshad (: kann? kaktus Playboy tuu. hee :D

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